Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox


Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox like many artists nowadays, found its fame through YouTube. What started as just a bunch of ridiculously talented musicians jamming in a basement quickly became a viral sensation, and the exponential increase in fans and followers called for an eagerly anticipated world tour. On the 12th March, Bournemouth’s O2 Academy held the privilege of having the band entertain a lucky audience of a well-deserved sold out show. I was lucky enough to be there to witness this incredible group who have taken the world by storm. With the venue packed out, there was an excited buzz echoing through all 3 floors of the grand viewing platforms, and there was no aggression or competitive nature of fighting to get the best view that you sometimes get at gigs. Due to the vintage nature and style of the band, it wasn’t a surprise that quite a few of the audience members, myself and my girlfriend included, dressed accordingly in dinner jackets, bow ties and swing dresses.

The band’s performance consisted of a variety of renditions of modern pop tunes, from 'My Heart Will Go On', 'Stacy's Mom' to 'Hot Line Bling' but all with a vintage twist. The amazing big band style gave us all a fresh perspective of these modern hits, brought to us by an immensely talented group formed of a 2-man brass section, double bass player, drummer and the piano being played by the musical director. However, we were lucky enough to be given the delight to hear 5 amazing singers during the whole gig, each of which wowed us with their vocal skill and variety in styles.

Kicking off the show with an incredible rendition of ‘Bad Romance’, the talent released from the stage was almost overwhelming, with the artists making it seem simply effortless. All performers seemed to be having fun, joking and dancing around, clearly having a good time which only added to the amazing atmosphere booming in the packed venue.

Not only was the audience lucky enough to hear amazing music, but the band also had a glamorous tap-dancer to accompany some of their songs, which was an unexpected bonus but an absolute pleasure to marvel on! An interlude mid-way through their 2 and a half hour set included Scott Bradlee himself appearing and doing some impressive piano improvisation, creating a requested mix of David Bowie, Queen and various other big-time talented artists. The audience was stunned in silence at the immense skill and flare in this man’s creation.

The quality of the music maintained an exceptionally high level throughout the evening and I thoroughly hope that their increasing popularity will mean tour number 2 is on the horizon!