Roo Panes


Roo Panes is a young British songwriter with a guitar to his chest and a heart swelling with hopes and dreams. A common on-paper pitch, perhaps, and one sold a thousand times before. But Dorset-born Panes has something special to offer those willing to wait a while for their favourite songs to settle into place. He gained a wide audience after participating in a campaign for Burberry. This included recording music for Burberry Acoustic and modelling. He credits his grandmother, a classical pianist, and other family members with inspiring him to pursue music. Before playing acoustic guitar and writing songs, he briefly studied the trumpet and electric guitar. Panes’ debut album, ‘Little Giant’, isn’t an album that sets out to trick its audience in any way – what you hear is succinct, honest songwriting, from a place of deep personal expression, resonating with universal truths and values. It’s an embracing set, a welcoming one, which represents everything that its maker has worked towards since first picking up a guitar and exploring his innermost thoughts and feelings through song. No follower of fashion, Panes walks to his own beat.

‘Little Giant’ is an embracing record, its gentle rhythms and compelling cadences topped off by Roo’s marvelous vocal intonation, a voice that come characterized by a complete lack of artifice and affectation.