Not many bands can say that their name originated from a pastry café, but Parcels, who formed in their final year at high school, aren’t your average funk-electro-soul group. Making the move from their native Byron Bay to the music haven of Berlin with just their keyboards in tow, Parcels took their disco-infused pop onto another level. Taking elements of the techno sound that Berlin is famous for, the band balance their synth-funk sound with techno-tinged keys and soulful twangs, to create a sound that meets in the centre of electro and retro. With the 5-piece taking their cues from the likes of Steely Dan and Chic, Parcels know how to get you on the dance floor. 

Sporting a sound that merges contemporary electronica with matured funk disco, the band have managed to create a unique sound that is as sweet as the origin of their name. They achieve their old-school meets new-school sound using wide synth soundscapes, mixed with energetic guitars and a five part vocal harmony. Listening to the quintet’s sound inspires daydreams of Daft Punk frolicking through colourful 70s roller discos. We like the sound of that.