Off Bloom


Mads and Alex met when they joined the same band at age 16. The last ones standing, with the same drive for music they stuck it out when the band fell apart and began their own project. Later joined by Mette with her addictive voice, energy and shared vision, Off Bloom take inspiration from the Glasgow electronic scene as well as the 70s Krautrock sound and its breakdown of traditional song structures. Not afraid to reference their favourite pop music, the trio share production duties and always endeavour to stay curious!

Copenhagen-based trio Off Bloom move in the same circles as punk-influenced Danish pop artists like MØ and Liss, and it shows: they make punchy, radio-ready songs with a genuine streak of could-care-less attitude. On the title track of their debut EP Love To Hate It, they channel the gloom of unrequited lust into swooning synth melodies, a dance beat, and a teasing, explosive hook. “'Love To Hate It' is about chasing something you can't have and how the rejection can make you feel even more passion, and feeling desperate and alone can also be a fucking amazing feeling! You want to feel something! Even if it isn’t a productive or efficient thing, which you're constantly expected by society to be."

Of the intimate, DIY-feel video, they wrote: "We wanted to have our homies around to make it as chilled and real as possible." "We gathered a group of friends to come along with the band and headed to a house a couple of hours outside Copenhagen, to hang out for a couple of days. Sleep, eat and live together. I set up a bunch of scenes, but the idea was as much to be spontaneous and get inspired by the energy." Watch the result below.