MNJ New Music Spotlight: FOXE

Today, our new music spotlight is on FOXE

Location: LONDON


Mat – Drums
Antonia – Bass
George – Guitar

About: FOXE (pronounced as fox) are a cross between a manly woodcutter and a pretentious art school, fitting since the band are fresh out of University. They play loud guitar based indie/pop music with choruses so catchy they haunt you while you sleep. Hailing from London via Guildford, the three piece craft energetic, impactful, forward thinking pop with a deep lyrical core. Fresh after a six month break, ‘Frequency’ is a huge statement of intent from the trio, a tongue-in-cheek account of the nourishment sought in excess and indulgence.

What MNJ say: ‘FREQUENCY’s jangly intro is an instant toe-tapper, before erupting into a track that has us harking back to the golden nu-rave era, albeit with a modern flavour.

For fans of: Blushes, No Hot Ashes

Next shows:

20 – Jimmy’s, Manchester
21 – The Horn, St Albans
22 – Komedia, Brighton

Latest track: ‘FREQUENCY’