lilleburn is an indie pop duo from Birmingham, UK. Ross Tidmus and Tom James started making their rocky, groovy blend of indie pop in mid 2018. Drawing inspiration from the music that they grew up with, such as Talking Heads, Paul Simon, Micheal Jackson, New Order and The Beatles, then mixing that with contemporary pop, electronic and rock music. On August 11th 2018 they formed lilleburn to show their project to the world.

Ross and Tom have been in bands since their early teenage years and have loved music since before they can even remember. They created music and been in countless band separately but in mid 2018 they joined forces in lilleburn in the creative endeavour to make the best music they possibly can, so push each other to their creative limits in the process. They have a sincere love for the art form and you can truly hear it in everything they do.

lilleburn released their first single "Boys/Girls/Hearts" on September 30th 2018. The unique sound plays to their strengths, with clean production and lyrics of heartache and love, contrasted to perfection with a massive drum sound and a distorted lead line playing through the contagious chorus. This track cuts lilleburn their own space in the indie pop genre.

lilleburn has electric live shows demands the full attention of the audience. lilleburn are smartly dressed and as lively as can be and keep the audience entertained from beginning to end. The energy and charisma from Ross and Tom is unmatched. Their shows allow the crowd to hear their unreleased music before anyone else and you will be begging to hear again.

They show great promise going forward. The large variety of influences and new ideas they each bring to the table makes every song they produce a captivating listen, that you will want to hear again and again. Their body moving rhythms and mood altering lyrics will make you want to dance, cry or love someone. lilleburn will surely be your new favourite band. Ross and Tom pull you into their world and you'll never want to leave.

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