Let's Eat Grandma


Best friends since the age of four, multi-instrumentalists Rosa and Jenny (aged 16 and 17) create imaginative and original music that crosses the worlds of experimental pop and progressive weirdness.

Recorded partly in their school holidays two years ago, teenage duo Let's Eat Grandma's forthcoming debut 'I, Gemini' is an album of kaleidoscopic influence. 'Eat Shiitake Mushrooms', named after a piece of graffiti on their college wall back home in Norwich, is brimming with ideas, including a rap about getting bubblegum stuck on your trainers. Debut single ‘Deep Six Textbook’, meanwhile, is a more doom-laden affair that sees the girls submerged in water in its gloomy video. Neither sounds anything like the rest of the record, which jumps between styles - skittish electro here, quirky uklele there - while remaining distinctly true thier unique vision.

They're both studying music at college, but have found themselves square pegs in Norwich's music scene. “There's a lot of young bands in Norwich,” Jenny explains. “Indie rock stuff, a bit of grime. When everyone else is making that sort of music and you’re not, you can feel alienated. We didn't know how to be anything but true to ourselves though.”