Lauren Aquilina


I remember seeing Bristol born Singer-Songwriter Lauren Aquilina a few years ago supporting Gabrielle Aplin at the Wardrobe in Leeds. Having started by uploading videos on to YouTube she was a young artist finding her feet in the music industry, but it was obvious that she was an immensely talented young woman. Fast-forward to 2016 and she is only 20 and already released four EPs in the past few years, each of them filled with Lauren's essence and story. Yet you still feel that she has so much more to bring. Taking inspiration from her own life experiences, Lauren expresses a great talent as a songwriter and her voice is touching and filled with emotion. There is no doubt that she is an artist to keep an eye on in the years to come. She has been shining with her own style from the beginning and you cant help but feel part of her story when you're listening to her music.

Lauren takes her time to get even with some people in her life who didn’t always want the best for her. “‘Kicks’ is for everyone who’s ever messed me around and everyone who’s ever been messed around”, she wrote on her Facebook page. “Tell me where, where do you get your kicks? Is it from kicking me around? Cause it feels like that somehow…”, she wonders in an energetic chorus full of ‘hey!’s with an infectious melody. “I’m done being down about this”, she concludes with pride. This is one of those powerful pop tracks with an honest message, and don’t we all love the good old anthems we can sing at the top of our voices to let out some frustration about the people who ever treated us wrong? Thanks for that, Lauren!

Lauren is currently working on her first full length album which will be released by Island Records hopefully sometime this year. For now though, we can enjoy the first taster of her latest work, 'Kicks'.