Been a while since posting on here as I now have my own radio show on 7-10pm every weekday. Similar to this blog I play new music and try to share my latest discoveries in the music world.

Onto this posts subject though! Krrum in fact is an old university friend of mine from back when we were both studying at Leeds College of Music. We worked together in the same production group and he was amazing when it came to every aspect of the course. He always had an incredible knowledge in the studio and was constantly writing tracks that put all of us to shame! I have also previously made him my artist of the week on my radio show "Music Radar".

Born in the close, sometimes-claustrophobic confines of The Dark Peak, Krrum started writing songs at the age of thirteen, stumbling into his pseudonym whilst working at a butchers. Keen to broaden his horizons, Krrum moved to Leeds to study, where he also became engrossed in the aesthetic and beats of early-Gorillaz, the melancholic songwriting of Justin Vernon, and the eccentricity of Jai Paul.

Among the early results, ‘Morphine’ is an introspective, gently pulsating cut of electro-soul which describes, he says,“struggling to let go of something, even if it’s causing you grief and you know you’d be better off without it.” Lead track ‘Evil Twin’, meanwhile, mixes a blast of brass with infectious, distorted vocals, inspired by all the things about you that you don’t like or regret doing, and personifying that as someone else.