If you think you could never become a crying blubbering mess by listening to a song with lyrics you don’t have a hope of understanding, you are about to be proven wrong!

Icelandic band Kaleo’s first single, Vor Í Vaglaskógi, is about to become your favourite foreign song. The track, a cover of an older traditional song reworked in to the band's style, was an overnight success in Iceland and features on the band’s first album A/B in it's original language as well as in English. 


Who: Kaleo

Genres: Rock, Blues, Folk

Based: Reykjavik, Iceland/USA

Years Active: 2012-Present

Best Track: Vor Í Vaglaskógi

Latest Release (At time of writing): A/B (Album, 2016)

The band was formed in 2012 and consists of JJ Julius Son on lead vocals, rhythm guitar and piano, Rubin Pollock on lead guitar and backing vocals, Daníel Kristjánsson on bass and keyboard and Davíð Antonsson on drums, percussion and backing vocals. After their single, All The Pretty Girls, reached a whooping 87 million streams on Spotify, the band signed a recording deal with Atlantic Records and relocated to Austin, Texas. The culture shock that follows a move from a town of 10,000 people to the second largest state in USA has had a great influence on their music according to the lead singer JJ Julius Son.

Kaleo is heavily influenced by folk and blues music, a influence that is easy to spot in the band’s I Can’t Go On Without You.  The name, Kaleo, is Hawaiian for ‘The Sound’.



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