Gina Kushka


South African-born Londoner Gina Kushka is one of the most exciting new finds of 2016. The singer-songwriter has paired her incredible voice with her impressive song writing skills and this has allowed her to create an anthemic quality to her music.

From listening to her music, Gina obviously has interest in 80s artists and sounds, alongside rock and hip-hop. Her eclectic mix of influences, also including African and Latino music, and soul/jazz/blues, has created an instantly unique style to her tone and use of melodies, with a cultish edge to her music.

Her latest track “Bring It Down“ is a track with an underground edge, but the singer still manages to keep her pop like roots. Gina is brutally honest in her music, writing about difficult periods in her life with clarity and a newfound awareness that often comes from writing creatively about something like that.

 I think she is definitely an artist to watch in the coming years.