EUGENE THE CAT are the hot new sound from Linz, Austria. Blending electronic elements with live guitar and saxophone, their trademark sound refuses to fit neatly within the electronic music genre. The best way to explain their style would be "Glitch Hop". I highly recommend you looking these guys up! Let’s put it this way: EUGENE THE CAT’s music is like a mosquito dancing to a hard hitting beat, packing a tight groove with a swinging sound. At times it is also very jazzy. It is a sound born from a creative collaboration between five multi-talented young musicians, which is guaranteed to instantly lift up your spirits and make it impossible to sit still.

The band are also well known for their electrifying live performances, as witnessed at the Urban Art Forms Festival 2015 in Austria and recently on their tour with Molotov Jukebox. You will never catch EUGENE THE CAT feeding off any canned music: what they offer is a crazy mix which is truly live. Watch this space!