This IS the best Gothic revival you’ll hear all year! NO QUESTION ABOUT IT!!

Who: Creeper

Genres: Horror Punk, Punk Rock

Based: Southampton, UK

Years Active: 2014 – Present

For Fans Of: AFI, My Chemical Romance, Misfits

Latest Release (At time of writing): Eternity, in Your Arms (Album, March 2017)

It’s not unfair to say that rock, as a genre, has been slightly uninspired for the last couple of years. Even its some of its biggest stars – Bring Me The Horizon, Twin Atlantic – have changed their style for radio play. So to see a British band forging their own hearse-driven path in a theatrical, grandiose way – last seen with My Chemical Romance’s ‘The Black Parade’ – is thrilling.

Since 2014, Creeper have been invigorating the rock scene with their carefully curated horror-punk, which evokes early AFI and My Chemical Romance.

Creeper’s debut album, ‘Eternity, In Your Arms’ came out in March of this year. ‘Black Rain’ opens with twinkly piano before a slathering of AFI-esque vocals amble up to provide perfect spookiness. ‘Poison Pens’ fuses a creepy chorus (“I feel like an angel for you, now I do the deeds that devils do”) with giant riffs. ‘I Chose To Live’ flits between earnest and dramatic with total ease. ‘Suzanne’ is all Meat Loaf vocals on top of West Coast pop-punk. Creeper’s influences (from punk legends Misfits to romantic psychobillies Tiger Army) are sewn together seamlessly.

Below, considering the time of year, is a special Christmas treat for you all from Creeper!

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