Coldplay - Hymn for The Weekend

I thought I would write about one of my favourite bands tonight! Coldplay are one of the biggest rock bands in the world at the moment and have pretty much taken over the world with their music.
They have just brought out their latest music video for the single Hymn For The Weekend from their latest album A Head Full Of Dreams. Set in India, it shows the incredible colours and culture of this beautiful country. However, there is one strange thing about this song, Beyonce features on it but at no point does any of her parts shout out BEYONCE! She features quite heavily visually in the video but, in my honest opinion, it could have been anybody singing her parts in this song! Beyonce has such a distictive sound to her voice but it barely pierces through everything else thats going on in the song! I just think that if you're going to have Beyonce featuring on a song, it should be shouting from the roof tops and she should at least have a solo section to show off her amazing talent.
Anyway, let me know what you think! Have a listen and check out some of my other posts!