Bec Sandridge


24 year old Bec Sandridge, originally from Australia, has recently abandoned her folk roots and is about to release her first Indie-Pop EP "In The Fog, In The Flame". Highly anticipated, it strikes a sound of new confidence, and is driven by Sandridges distinctive vocal command. She has shared the stage with some great musicians over the last few years, including Passenger and Half Moon Run. have a listen to the videos below and see what you think. I have attached to this post three videos. The first two videos are examples of Sandridge's more folky roots ("Over The Sea" and "Stones") and then the third is her latest track "In The Fog, In The Flame".

Hope you enjoy, and please follow me for more interesting new artists. Please also let me know of new artists that you think I should have a listen to or write about on here! I love hearing new artists.

Thank you